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Residential care is a term used to describe the general care and support provided in a standard care home. This is generally what is required for most of our residents at our Hotels. Often, "residental care homes" are simply referred to as "care homes" where as what used to be called "nursing homes" are now called "care homes with nursing".

A care home is a residential setting where a number of older people live, usually in single rooms, and have access to on-site care services. A home registered simply as a care home will provide personal care only - help with washing, dressing and giving medication. Some care homes are registered to meet a specific care need, for example dementia or terminal illness.

All of the Scimitar Care hotels are designated as residential care homes, but we also provide further caring facilities for those with dementia and also palliative care.

What sets Scimitar Care Hotels apart from other homes you may have seen or visited is quite simply the quality of both care and the surroundings in which this is provided. We have maintained this quality for over thirty years and this continues to be our number one priority and raison d'étre.

Always remember that if you can't find what you're looking for here, you can contact us directly and we'd be more than happy to help guide you.

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Scimitar Care Hotels PLC excels in providing many different facets of care, click the below for more details.

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We provide a great deal of entertainment and support to both our residents and the community that we live in.

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Here you can find many useful links in relation to residential care and the many aspects associated within. Feel free to browse through to ensure you make as informed a choice as possible.