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   Gender Pay Gap Statement

Legislation requires Scimitar Care Hotels PLC to publish annually the organisations gender pay statistics.

Job roles at Scimitar Care Hotels are paid at the same rate regardless of gender and we are committed to ensure that employees receive equal pay for equal value.

Scimitar Care Hotels supports and promotes equality of opportunity for all employees and believes as part of this ethos that employees should receive equal pay for the same or broadly similar work, regardless of their personal circumstances, political affiliation, union activity or ‘protected characteristics’ under the Equality Act (2010).

The information shows our pay gap and bonus pay gap based on hourly rates of pay as at the snapshot date of 5 April 2017 and bonuses paid in the year to 5 April 2017.

We believe in being an inclusive and diverse organization where everyone has an equal opportunity to reach their full potential.

I confirm that the data reported is accurate.

Paul Sargeant
Managing Director
Scimitar Care Hotels PLC
22 March 2018

Hourly Rate - Women's hourly rate is
36.1% lower (mean) / 8.5% lower (median)

Bonus Pay - Women's bonus pay is
14.9% higher (mean) / 0% lower (median)

Who received bonus
84.2% Men / 89.6% Women

Pay quartiles
How many men and women are in each quarter of the employer's payroll

  • Upper quartile                  21% Men    79% Women
  • Upper middle quartile     8% Men      92% Women
  • Lower middle quartile     7% Men      93% Women
  • Lower quartile                  7% Men      93% Women

Pay Gap
The median figure is used because the distribution of earnings is skewed, with more people earning lower salaries than higher salaries. When using the mean to calculate the average of a skewed distribution, it is highly influenced by those values at the upper end of the distribution and thus may not be truly representative of the average earnings of a typical person.

We are pleased that our median figures are significantly lower than the national average.

Bonus Pay Gap
The gender gap in our bonus pay reflects what we see in our business – we have a higher proportion of females in our top pay quartile that are eligible for a bonus payment and this accounts for female staff receiving 14.9% higher bonuses than men.

Quartile Distribution
Our workforce is made up of significantly more female than male staff, a profile reflecting the current nature of the social care sector and this is reflected across all of the pay quartiles.

Our Board of Directors is 40% female.

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